Fork Life & Spoon | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a holistic health and nutrition counselor?

My approach is a blend of my training in holistic health and nutrition with the theoretical aspects of health decision making and health behavior that I discovered during my studies in Public Health. Simply put, holistic health addresses all aspects of life that nourish you, not just what ends up on your fork. It is about introducing new behaviors and skills into the day to day with that make sense for you and your body.

The work we do together is not a replacement for medical advice, although it is a wonderful complement to any other practitioner that you may be seeing. Our sessions will create a space to connect the dots and allow you to feel confident about your  choices.

I am not the authority on your body. I bet you can guess who is…

I am here to support your exploration, inspire you to try things that I think might be right for you, and ultimately to transform your relationship with your food forever.


What is a personalized health counseling program?

There is no single diet that works for everyone. This is a program that is tailored to your specific situation and health goals. Let me give you an example, say you have recently discovered that you have some discomfort after eating, you lack energy, or you aren’t sleeping well and are frustrated because you cannot get to the bottom of what is going on seemingly all of a sudden. I would give you different practical actions to try in the time between our sessions to hone in what might be throwing things out of balance. With most clients this begins with building shopping and cooking skills. Experimenting in the kitchen is the fastest way to explore what makes you feel happy and satisfied. Each time we meet, I will ask you to fill out a form a few days in advance so I can prepare for our next session. This is how the program develops organically, adapting to your needs as you explore your relationship with food and your body. We will both have long and short term goals in this process, allowing for your progress to unfold as naturally as possible.


How will you chart my progress?

The results of our working together cannot be measured by a scale or determined by a number. Your progress will be determined by the goals we set at the start and the specific needs of your body. I do not believe in restrictive diets or a drastic overhaul of your lifestyle. By adding in new positive behavior you eventually squeeze out the habits you are trying get rid of.


What do you eat?

Pretty much everything that looks and smells good to me. And this changes all the time. I eat with my eyes first and what attracts me has definitely evolved since I have invested more time into food and nutrition studies. I have come to respect and revere the little messages that my body has given me when as it carried me through some physically taxing times such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, stress of moving… staying neutral about all foods allows me to follow my gut 🙂


Six months seems like a long commitment, can I do a shorter program?

Even if I was able to sit in front of you and tell you in an hour what will work for your body, it would not be much more than the general advice that you might find floating around all of the information channels you are tapped into already: Eat less refined packaged foods, avoid ingredients you cannot pronounce and an expiration date that is freakishly far into the future, etc.

I have found that six months is the minimum needed to produce rich results. The commitment here is really to yourself; to decide once and for all that you are going to experiment  to connect to your physical self in a way that is not prescribed by someone else.  First you find the simple tweaks and changes that allow you to learn what your optimum feels like, then you give these new habits a little time to become second nature. Eating broccoli is easy, hearing your body’s signals will always be a work in progress.