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Personalized holistic nutrition counseling places you at the center of the story and is guided by the specific signals of your body. What would you do with food if you felt safe enough?
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The food on our plate is just the beginning. Learning to truly nourish yourself involves so much more. There is a lot of nutrition dogma out there; always something new we should be eating or a lifestyle trend we must follow.  We have gotten so tied up in the pursuit and performance of “health” that we have forgotten to check with why we want it.

Interpreting the true signals of your body is like learning a new language. It takes time, effort, and patience. It is exhilarating, frustrating and ever-evolving. You are able to comprehend far before you feel comfortable to participate. And ultimately you understand way more than you think you do.


With all of the information out there sometimes we don’t know where or how to start. Instead of piling on the rules and restrictions, what if we did the work to deconstruct how we got here in the first place and where we hope to go?


My goal as a partner in this project is two-fold: ignite a curiosity and then invite in a bit of rebellion– pushing back and questioning why we assume something is better, healthier, more worthy. Because it is in teasing out these ideas that we can finally live with full permission and learn to trust our body through all of its transitions.