Fork Life & Spoon | From food fight to family style fun.
Support for families around the subjects of health eating nutrition, body trust, and food-neutrality. Bringing everyone back to the table.
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Your Family Table

The family table is full of potential.

Let’s be honest, there will be so many meals in our lifetime, we cannot expect them all to go as planned. We have been inundated with nutrition dogma about feeding our kids the “right” or “healthy” way. This perfectionism is one more value judgement on parenting that not only misses the big picture, it denies our children the space to build their own positive relationship with food and their bodies.

If you have at your table:

Kids who refuse foods and/or “picky” eaters

Teenagers beginning to  individualize with food choices/politics

Partners or grandparents with a different set of “food rules”

A loss of control around certain foods



This short program is designed to support you in the incredibly overwhelming project of feeding your kids. Together we will work to add variety, curiosity and pleasure to your family mealtimes. We will tailor solutions that make sense to YOU, your family, your budget, and your schedule. This is not about instagram performance, it is about building a sustainable trust-focused way to nourish your family.



The family table package includes:

  • Eight bi-weekly 1 hr sessions over a period of 4 months with one or both parents
  • Actionable tips to set theory into motion
  • Practical fact sheets on food shopping and storage and additional resources on sensory activities
  • Free admission to a monthly group cooking events (40 Euro value)




The cost of your program is 195 Euro per month. Fees can be calculated on a sliding scale because I do not believe that cost should be a prohibitive factor in this work. Please contact me to discuss options.