Fork Life & Spoon | Personalized 6 month holistic nutrition program. Transform your relationship with food.
There is no diet that is right for everyone. In this guided food exploration you will learn to better interpret and respond to the signals your body is giving you everyday in order to maintain optimal energy, vitality and overall wellness.
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Personalized Health Counseling Programs

Personalized Health Counseling

A tailored 6 month exploration into food and health

Are you frustrated that your body is not responding as you feel it should? Lacking energy? Overstressed? Under slept? Too busy to cook at home? Feeling out of balance? Want to learn to take better care of yourself but overwhelmed just thinking about it?


Let me guide you towards the food and lifestyle choices that will work best for you and your body. When you change your relationship to food, everything changes. What you eat literally becomes your blood, tissues, organs and even your thoughts. Really! Science is only just beginning to acknowledge how the digestive system works like a second brain.


The goal of your personalized health counseling program is to radically improve your relationship with food and resolve concerns specific to your health by providing you with simple tools that produce rich results. The program is designed to be creative, gentle, and sustainable. Whether you are already well versed in food and health and want to develop a deeper more personal knowledge of how food affects you, you have specific dietary needs and want to add creativity and diversify to your plate, or the idea of preparing a real dinner sends you into a panic: This exploration begins where you are.


Over a period of 6 months we will define your goals, examine current food habits and intolerances, reestablish healthy patterns, develop awareness of food and its effects, and build confidence around shopping and preparing meals. You will be amazed at what naturally follows when you start to feed your body what it is asking you for.



Your program includes:

  • Two 1 hour sessions per month in person or via Skype
  • Email support from me in between sessions
  • A personalized handbook of recipes and handouts
  • Food samples and self-care items
  • Attendance to cooking classes held during the 6 month period


Partner Program

It is always more motivating and inspiring to share your goals with someone. Working with a friend, spouse, partner, or roommate can enrich and accelerate the experience of the 6 month program. Even though your bodies are different, the exploration into food and wellness begins with the same simple steps. Double the questions, double the fun!


Partner program fee: 195 Euros/month

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