Fork Life & Spoon | Group holistic nutrition programs. Boost your skills around seasonal, clean eating.
An introduction to holistic nutrition and intuitive eating principles in a relaxed and interactive month long course.
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Group Calibration

Calibrate \ˈka-lə-ˌbrāt:

to adjust,  to take external factors into account


This month-long course is just what you need to get unstuck.


Together we will share our frustrations and triumphs when it comes to feeding ourselves and our loved ones. You will be introduced to the principles of intuitive eating in a relaxed and supportive environment while learning lots of new recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques to inspire your creativity and curiosity. Get ready to unlearn some long held beliefs, play around with new concepts, and check in with your current patterns.


I am always so energized by the community created in these group classes. Through an exchange of questions and ideas we can explore and create nourishing practices for ourselves and our families that are adjusted to the realities of our everyday. 



We will cover:

  • Seasonal eating essentials
  • What it means to feed yourself/partner/children in a “healthy” way
  • How to thoughtfully sift through nutrition information
  • Nourishing our bodies in periods of overwhelm
  • The power of joyful movement



Your Calibration package includes:

  • Three 1 hour group meetings with cooking demonstrations
  • One 45 min personal check-in online
  • Practical tips and quick seasonal recipes to get you motivated and curious about your relationship to food and your body
  • Self-care recommendations and exercise/movement suggestions
  • An invitation to a Facebook group to share thoughts, photos, and ideas with other Calibrators



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