Fork Life & Spoon | Group holistic nutrition programs. Boost your skills around seasonal, clean eating.
Kickstart each season with a 21 day clean eating program and get your body back into balance. In this holistic nutrition intensive course you will learn simple and speedy techniques to create healthy recipes and meal plans without stress. Benefit from ongoing support from me as well as the added motivation of the group.
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Seasonal Calibration Series

A three week kickstart program in holistic nutrition

Let’s set things in motion! Each season brings its joys and challenges both physically and emotionally but with the right tools and a bit of support it is easy to get back on track!   Over three weeks we will explore how different cooking methods change the effects that food can have on your body and talk about ideal food combinations for sustained energy and improved digestion.

I am generally not a fan of drastic cleanses or detoxes which are restrictive and often leave you feeling a bit depleted. This gentle three week Calibration course is the perfect way to get a taste of how impactful ( and enjoyable!) your food choices can be. For 21 days you will be eating delicious whole foods free of allergens, major inflammatory triggers, refined sugar and processing.

This short course is designed to reboot your whole system by:

  • invigorating your food buying and preparation skills – even the most seasoned cook can get in a rut!
  • boosting your confidence to make the right choices for you- through an understanding of holistic nutrition
  • supporting your commitment to self-care with simple strategies to overcome barriers of time, taste, and budget
  • connecting with like-minded people who have decided to invest in their relationship with food and health

Calibration Autumn: Immunity

Getting sick is a natural and necessary response of the body, but treating yourself well can dramatically affect the length and severity of your symptoms. We will learn how to fortify our system as the days get shorter and the cold winter tests our strength physically and psychologically.

Calibration Winter: Grounding

After the well deserved indulgence and subtle stress of the holiday season, it is time to turn our attention inward and find the foods and self-care practices that support our health and energy needs in the winter season. How do we return gently to those healthy patterns we have perhaps let slide?

Calibration Spring: Awakening

Goodbye winter! The spring calibration course is offered at a time of year when everything seems to be waking up all around us. Expect a menu of fresh, colorful, and raw foods that make you feel lighter and brighter!

Workshop fee: 75 euros

Your Calibration package includes:

  • Three 60 min group meetings, and one 45 min personal check-in online (all meeting to be held on Zoom until further notice)
  • A calendar of recipes and suggested meal plans with explanations to guide you through each unique week of the program
  • Self-care recommendations and exercise/movement suggestions ***Bonus pilates classes with Anna Pearce from The Pilates Corner
  • An invitation to a Facebook group to share thoughts, photos, and ideas with other Calibrators
  • Support from me for up to two weeks after the program concludes to help you transition

The next Calibration course begins Thursday November 19!

November 19th- Overview of the program and intro to week one

November 26th- Movement class with Anna P. and feedback session

Week of November 30th- Scheduled one to one sessions (in English or French) to access your progress and revisit your goals

December 10-  Wrap up session

All classes will take place Thursday mornings 10-11:00 am on Zoom. If you are unable to attend all of the meetings, ( or for the full hour) it’s no problem! A recording of the class will available to the group after each session. One to one check-in meetings will be arranged at your convince midway through the program.

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